Friday, 2 June 2017

One Man and his Dog

I knew they were coming when our dog ran to the garden fence with her ears pricked. Much later I heard the bleats of newly-shorn sheep with their lambs walking up the drive.

On some occasions the movement of sheep involves lots of action, several dogs and a fair amount of swearing as sheep and dogs scatter in every direction. But today was a masterclass in calm control.

The farmer said that, after the ewes were sheared, their lambs had difficulty recognising their mothers. In case of this, and if lambs had followed the wrong mum up the hill, he paused beneath the railway line for the flock to settle just as the last down train of the day went past. It took about ten minutes for the volume to subside, for lambs to find the right ewes, and then the gates were opened and off they went up Moelwyn Bach.

Dewi and his dog were real stars. One man and his dog ......

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